Frequently asked questions

    Login & Registration

    • Can I reset my password?

      Yes, in the login window you will find a link between the password field and the login button where you can request a new password. To do this, click on the text "forgotten password".

    • Do the app users have a login?

      App users can login via the Self Service Portal. There, data can be viewed and own devices can be managed. There is no login in the app necessary.

    • Why can't I register anymore?

      Please check that you have entered your password correctly and that you have not activated the shift key by mistake. If you should still have problems, please use the function below the login area "forgotten password". Wherever you still have problems afterwards, please contact

    • How can I register on the smapOne platform?

      Follow this link , which brings you directly to the registration.

    Installing & using apps

    • How do I install a smap that is assigned to me as a user?

      If you have received a license assignment from your app creator, you will usually receive an e-mail informing you that a smap is available for you.

      After you have registered with an e-mail address on the mobile device, you can install smaps assigned to you by a creator.

      You can either access the list of available smaps by clicking on the grey tile with the plus sign, or by clicking "add smaps".

      In the overview that now displays, under "available smaps" you will find all smaps that have been assigned to you by one or more creators. Further information is provided here:

    • Which web browsers are required for the web interface of smapOne services?

      We ideally recommend Google Chrome or Firefox.

      A current list of browser types can be found here.

    • Can I also use smapOne on my tablet?

      Yes, you can use smapOne also with tablets for iOS, Android and Windows. For more information you can read the system requirements here.

    • How do I copy a smap?

      In the "Overview" part of the smapOne Designer you will find the option "copy smap". With this function you create a copy of the current state of the smap in your account.

      Precondition for the function: The smap must be released in the Creator account first (see FAQ: "How do I release a smap and why do I have to release a smap?")

    • How do I release a smap and why do I have to release my smap?

      After you have created and designed your smap in the smapOne Designer, you will find the button „release smap“ in the toolbar at the top. Only after the release is it possible for you and other users to send data to the server.

      To send datasets for test runs, the release of the smap is required. However, users can thus neither access the smap or send datasets. With the release of the smap, you as the creator can test your smap in your planned scenario and send exemplary data records. As soon as you have finished testing your smap, you can distribute it to the users. Only then they will have access to the smap and can send data.

      Once you have released a smap, this function is no longer available in the smapOne Designer. From now on you will find the button "distribute update" at this point. This ensures that you can pass on further changes in the smap to your users (if you have already distributed the smap to users).

    • On which devices can I install and use the smapOne app?

      Click here to find out for which platforms the smapOne app is available.

    • Why can I not install self-created smaps on Android?

      It my happen that you cannot install self-created smaps on Android. This happens when you work with certain QR Code or barcode scanners.

      In most cases you will receive the following error message:

      Unfortunately we can't open this link. There is no app installed, which makes this possible.

      We have noticed that some scanners have problems opening self-created smaps. If you want to be sure, use this barcode scanner.


    • We need a bilateral interface. | Or: How do we alternatively get data into the platform/apps?

      You can provide data to smapOne smaps in three different ways. It is best to use the data record selection module for this.

      1. Directly via Rest API: If the customer has personal know-how, a connection can be established under our guidance.
      2. Microsoft Flow: Simple workflows for transferring data as Excel (data formatted as table) or JSON
      3. Transconnect: Complex workflows and data formats (to be checked)
    • Why can the platform not operate onpremise?

      The philosophy of smapOne is to provide a service. In this sense, the complete infrastructure is not designed to operating at individual customers.

    • How does an integration into SAP work?

      The integration is currently possible via partner solutions or your own API management and should be checked in each individual case. We would be happy to assist you personally in this context. Simply contact us for this purpose.

    • Is there an Active Directory connection?

      This area is more complex and needs intensive testing, in which general functional procedures must be clarified. This is where an integration test takes place, which examines the exact requirements and subsequently  develops the possible solutions together with you.

      You can also import user lists from your AD (Active Directory) in the user administration. The user list should fulfill the following conditions:

      • Excel or OpenDocument file
      • Max. 5000 data records
      • Only one table in the worksheet
      • Columns for e-mail address, name, comment
      • Column for groups (separated by commas)

      Questions for an integration testing can be for example the following:

      What exactly should the connection achieve? Registration Creators? Registration of App users in Self Service? Distribution of the apps? May third parties, such as smapOne, access the AD (Active Directory)?

    • How do I integrate smapOne into my IT systems?

      Existing IT systems can be manually and automatically integrated in smapOne. Manual options include the upload of master data in Excel format of up 100,000 data records, 50 columns and with a size of up to 4 MB per data source. These can then be used within the app. In addition, it is possible to manually export the recorded data in Excel format and to send reports in PDF and Word format.

      For automated integration, the use of the REST API is recommended. With this, data can be exchanged in a standardized way using JSON. Simple workflows with existing IT systems can be performed by smapOne.

    • Which IT systems can be integrated?

      The integration depends on the particular customer system and must be checked in each individual case. No general statement can be made. Simply contact your consultant and we will be glad to support you.


    • How can I understand user administration and group definition?

      Groups are used to simplify the administration of your users. Instead of assigning smaps to users individually, you can organize them in a group and then you only need to authorize this group to use a smap once. If you subsequently add new members to a group, these users automatically receive the authorization to use all smaps that the group is allowed to use.

      You can also import user lists from your AD in the user administration. The user list should fulfil the following conditions:

      • Excel or OpenDocument file
      • Max. 5000 data records
      • Only one table in the worksheet
      • Columns for e-mail address, name, comment
      • Column for groups (separated by commas)
    • How can I set up a master account?

      The master account is a special variant of the creator account. 

      There are customers who have more than one creator – across multiple locations.

      In order to keep an overlook, we recommend to set up a master account. Previous creator accounts can be "hung" under the master.

      • Impersonation into the subordinate creator account is possible
      • Create additional Creators
      • Central user administration is possible in the master account
      • Inherits functions to the Creators

      Following an exemplary Master-Creator-Structure:

      If you are interested in a master account and you think there is a need for it in your company, then talk to your sales consultant / customer success manager.



    • Is it possible to customize the app design?

      You have the possibility to customize the icon of the app and other images. However, you cannot change the entire design at this point.

    • Is a direct installation from an app to an end device possible?

      Yes, it's possible. The smapOne Container App on the target device and a smapOne user account are required. After confirming the release link from the Creator for direct installation, register the desired device on which the apps are to be installed in future. This release can be reversed at any time, so that you have full control.

    • Can I forward the app to my customers?

      For this purpose, please refer to our terms of use under §6 paragraph 2, which you can find here:


    • How can I adapt the PDF report to my smap?

      After you have logged in to your Creator account, you will find the appropriate option in the Designer.

      In the upper top bar you have the function "settings" in front of you. In the dialog box that opens, you can modify your automatically generated report template. Click on "edit" here.

      In the new window "customize report template" you have the opportunity to either continue to use the automatically generated report template or to leave it active or to access a report template you have created by yourself.

      If you select and activate the report template you created by yourself here you have access to the generated report template. This option also contains a short explanation of the procedure:

      Under step "1. download current generated report template" by clicking on the hyperlink a download of the current report is started. You can now open and edit it as a Word document.

      Now that you have adapted your own, individual report, upload the Word document again at the identical position by clicking on the "select file" button and use your modified report from now on.

      Further information can be found in our documentation:

    • What is the difference between the generated and the self-created report template?

      If you have activated the generated report template, then you have the advantage that the changes made to modules have a direct impact on the report. A new module in the designer immediately receives a corresponding placeholder in the report.

      If you are using a report template you have created yourself, then any subsequent changes in smap are NOT taken over in the Designer and must be entered manually by the Creator.

      Here is the recommendation: Please only change the report at the end when you have correctly maintained all modules in the Designer and you are sure that there are no more changes in the Designer.

      Further information can be found in the documentation at:

    smapOne in general

    • What are the advantages of smapOne compared to individually programmed apps?
      • Get started - With smapOne you can create apps immediately and customize them at any time.
      • Simple – smapOne is easy to use without specific IT know-how and programming skills
      • Multifunctional - With smapOne you can map processes in an uncomplicated way without having to commit yourself. Processes can be supplemented as required and changed at any time.
      • Mobile - The smapOne platform offers you all the functions you need to manage a mobile solution.
      • Fast - smapOne apps can be used immediately and without any waiting time. There is no need for a lengthy publication process through app stores.
      • Independent - Departments can easily create their own apps and requirements without large project teams.
      • Cost-effectice – Due to the rental model the investment barries are very low. In addition, there are no additional costs for infrastructure and maintenance.
      • Platform independence - smapOne apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows.
      • Autonomous - Offline scenarios do not present any problems, because you can use all the functions of smapOne even without a permanent Internet connection.
      • Automatable - Many functions are fully automatable via REST-API. 
      • Local - smapOne is "IT Made in Germany". Our contact persons are always near by you.
    • How can the business model be explained?

      smapOne is operating the solution as a service platform, which is charged in monthly fees. For the customer this means that there are no high investment barriers. Please contact the responsible smapOne customer consultant who will provide you with a customized offer based on your requirements. You can also reach us via

    • How is the platform structured?

      The smapOne platform is made up of several components. These include:

      • Designer: In the Designer, apps are created and templates for reports are uploaded.
      • Portal: In the portal, apps are assigned to users. Apps and users can be managed. Data evaluation and configuration of e-mail notification and other functions are also carried out here.
      • App: Self-created apps are used within the smapOne App. The smapOne App is available free of charge from the App Stores for iOS, Android and Windows. Self-created apps are native and can also be used offline.
      • Backend: The backend controls the interaction of the different components. The REST API is also part of the backend. With smapFlow an integration service for automated workflows also exists on the portal.
      • Modules: With the help of modules, apps can be easily created in a few minutes by drag & drop without any programming knowledge. Modules are predefined elements with functions for text input, dropdowns, checkboxes, signatures, barcode scanning, GPS data acquisition and countless other functions.
    • Where can I find a summary of all new releases?

      A summary of the current releases can be found here:

    • Which roles can I assign at smapOne?

      You can assign three roles to people who have a Creator or user account.

      1. Operator - The operator has the ability to access and edit the app.
      2. Data admin - The data admin has access to the collected data and can send and process it.
      3. Data reader - As a data reader you also have access to the data, but cannot edit it.

      A person is not limited to one role. You can individually select which roles a user should receive.

      This function is not available in your account? Contact us and we will activate the function for your account.

    • Can I prepare the collected data graphically?

      Yes, with Microsoft Power BI you have the possibility to display your data values in diagrams or graphs.

      Are you interested? Please contact our customer service at

    • All information about smapFlow

      What is smapFlow?
      With smapFlow simple workflows can be mapped. These include in particular the retrieval of data records and reports from the smapOne platform and the updating of data sources of a smap.

      What do I have to do to use smapFlow?
      First of all we carry out an integration check to determine whether your scenario can be implemented with smapFlow. If this check is positive, we will implement your workflow in collaboration with you.

      Can I operate smapFlow myself?
      Currently only employees of smapOne have access to smapFlow. We would be happy to advise you if you use your own workflow systems and would like to connect them to smapOne.

      What does a practical example look like?
      Let's assume you generate a PDF report and want to save it automatically on your FTP server. With smapFlow we execute a function after each receipt of a data record, which receives the PDF report and then stores it in a previously defined destination on the FTP server.

    • Can I assign records specifically to individual users?

      You can select a column in the table to assign the individual records to your app users. This user column may only contain exactly one email address in each row. The corresponding data record will then only be delivered to the app user belonging to this e-mail address. If there is no e-mail address in the user column for a data record, it will be delivered to all users.

    Data protection

    • Is there a data security officer in the company?

      smapOne has an external data security officer and takes a set of internal measures to ensure compliance with data security requirements within the company.

      You can read our data protection information here:


    • Where is my data located?

      Your data is securely hosted in accordance with data protection standards in compliance with the EU-DSGVO on servers in German data centres of the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


    • Can apps be passed on for processing?

      Yes, starting with the Business version it is possible to pass on apps for editing. This function is only available once the app has been published. In the smap overview under details you will find the "sharing" section. There you have the possibility to share your app with another Creator by using the function "send copy of smap".

    • How can I integrate an Excel file into the smapOne platform?

      An Excel file can be integrated into Designer via the data set selection module and can then be displayed in the app.

    • Can the data be automatically sent to a recipient?

      Yes, starting with the Business version, data can be sent to one or more recipients in the form of a report (PDF or Word) using the "e-mail notification" function.

      In the smap details is the navigation point "overview" to the left of the navigation points "distribute" and "data". Here you can set up an "email notification" that is automatically sent as an email each time a new data record is received. Configure one or more recipients and make sure that the report is attached to the record as a PDF or Word document. Alternatively, you can specify that the raw data of the data record is sent in JSON format, which is recommended for further processing of the data record contents by an automated system.

    • How do I manage users on the smapOne platform?

      The smapOne platform includes an easy way to manage users directly. This includes the creation, renaming and deletion of users. In addition, individual apps can be assigned to each user and removed again. Users can be exported from existing applications in Excel format and imported into the smapOne platform.

      You can find more information in the FAQ section "Portal".

    • Can the reports be customized?

      Yes, starting with the Business version, you can download the default report in the smapOne Designer and customize it as a Word template according to your needs.

      The best way to create your individual report is to use the automatic report template, which already contains all the modules used in your smap and their correct names. You can simply download these in the smapOne Designer and then edit them in Word.

      You can find the report template by opening your smap, clicking on one of the modules and then clicking on "edit" in the module menu on the right under the item "report template". Select "self-created report template" and choose "1. Download current generated report template."

      If your report has been completely revised, you can upload the report again by clicking "select file".

      If you use the repeating group in your smap, this can quickly lead to a lot of data and therefore a very long report. To avoid this, you can output the contents of the repeating group as a table in the report. To do this, click on the repeating group in the App Designer and under the item "report template" you can set a check mark for "output as table".

      Further information is available in the FAQ section "Designer".

    • Why do I need the app preview?

      Before you publish an app for the first time, you can use the preview function to preview the app on a mobile device. The functionalities of the modules are already available in the preview, but it is NOT possible to send data. This only works after you have published the app.


    • How long is the contract period?

      The contractual relationship begins with the creation of a user account and has a term of two years for the chargeable versions unless otherwise arranged.

    • When does the contract period begin?

      The contract period starts at the next possible date or at an individually fixed date.

    • Can I increase or decrease the number of users during the term?

      You can increase the number of users at any time - you can only decrease it once per half-year. Simply contact the smapOne service team at or by telephone on +49 511/87426847.

    • What happens after the contract is signed?

      Even before the contract is signed, our service team will give you intensive advice and continue to support you afterwards.


    • How is the price model composed?

      The price model is based on a licensing system according to the number of users plus a basic fee. So you are simply charged according to the number of users. In order to provide you with a concrete offer tailored to your needs, we therefore ask you to contact us personally for price information. You can reach us either by e-mail at or by phone at +49 511 87426847.



    • How can I contact smapOne?

      Please send an e-mail to or call us at +49 511/87426847.


    • Why is the report name not generated correctly?

      After customizing your report, you may not see the title that you set up in advance after customizing your report in the e-mail. Please check the conditions in the form of {%IF bricks...%} and {%ENDIF%} in your report at this point.

      There must be an ENDIF for each IF.

      If this measure does not work, please contact us at

      Further information on reports can be found in the FAQ section "Designer".


    • What is the smapCademy?

      The smapCademy is our online training for creators. It turns them into real experts in case of smapOne and other related topics. In numerous live sessions creators learn everything about the designer, good reports and how to work with complex formulas. In addition, the smapCademy provides further content on topics like digitalisation, IT trends, process- and community management.

      The students learn on a virtual campus and within this we provide a modular structure of the courses, which enables individual learning for each student. Depending on their own pace, sessions can be repeated at any time. 

      For more information about the smapCademy send us an e-mail to if you are interested.

    • Is there the option of an employee training course or workshop on the smapOne platform?

      Yes, we would be happy to help you get started with smapOne. Please contact us at or by telephone on +49 511/87426847 and let us know your wishes and requirements. Please also read the FAQ point about "smapCademy".


    • How do I register as an user on an end device?

      After you have downloaded and installed the smapOne App free of charge from the respective app store to your mobile device, you can register in the form of your e-mail address under the settings icon:

      You can link multiple e-mail addresses here, but they will not be listed until you confirm the e-mail sent to the e-mail address to be registered by the linking process.

      The e-mail address(es) can then be used by the Creator during smap assignment and can be stored in his user list.

      Further information can be found here: