Spotlight feature: Using predefined scenarios in a smap

Clever "scenarios" make it much easier to create a smap.

Scenarios are, basically, the little brother of the example smap in the template gallery. They are a quick and easy way to illustrate common use cases. You can simply drag and drop them into your existing or new smap. However, the range of functions is not quite comparable to that of a example smap in the template gallery.

You will find the new function "Scenarios" in the upper horizontal navigation of the modules either in the left tab "All" or completely dedicated in the right tab "Scenarios".

Display of scenarios in the smapOne App Designer

Activate in advance in the App Designer under "Options" all points that are offered to you here (module details, simple formula lines, expert mode).

We have a closer look at the scenario address input and drag it to a smap. Look at the IDs of the modules, you will see the first advantage: this IDs are already sensibly named so that you can work with it much more easily in the further course of the project.

Important: Take care of the IDs of your modules outside the scenarios as well. This makes working with the modules much easier, especially when formulas and reports are used.

Another important advantage of these pre-defined module groups is the logic check, which is used in various places. For example, if you click on the "Postal Code" module, you will see the built-in validation check on the right-hand side in the module's Properties panel under "Validation", which only allows postcodes from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This also makes it easier for your end users to use the smap. The validation rule as well as the description text for filling in can be edited.

szenarios: validation rule post codes


Furthermore, scenarios can also come up with complex formulas. Take a look at the szenario of weekly working hours: If you click on the module "Working time on this day", you will see the pre-defined formula with its connections to other modules.  

Scenarios: Formula for recording working time


Our tip: Take a look at the currently predefined scenarios. You can certainly think of some of your smaps where it would make sense to use them.


We hope this great new feature will make your work easier and inspire you. If you have ideas for further scenarios, please feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to receive a short mail with the facts to

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