Technical change: New service for sending mails

In order to be able to send mails from the smapOne platform, such as mails with attached PDF-reports or even system mails, reliably and securely in the future, we are changing the mail service on October 25, 2020.

What does it mean in detail?

For most users of smapOne this should have no noticeable effects at all. Mails will continue to be sent reliably without interruption and will not change their appearance. 

Important: In a few cases, however, a restrictively configured company mail server may block the acceptance of mails from sending services that have not been explicitly activated. In these few cases the change could result in no more smapOne mails being received.

For these special cases it is necessary to activate the new service. The following information is helpful for the administration of the mail environment: 


 Mailjet (Alt)
FlowMailer (Neu)
               unverändert vom Postfach
Domain des Absenders
Bounce Domain
IP-Adresse/DNS-Name des Absender Servers
wird über einen Pool von Mailservern versendet, zum Beispiel
SPF und DKIM gehen weiterhin zur korrekten Absenderkennung auf DNS Einstellung von zurück


Any existing settings of mail filter and firewalls can be adjusted accordingly.

If you have any questions, please contact our support at


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