Technical changes in the way date and time values are processed

For some time now, we have been concerned with a frequently reported feature request: Calculating with date and time values, for example:

  • Track working times
  • manage recurring appointments and resubmissions
  • Calculate hourly rates

To make it possible for you to calculate with date- and time values in the future, we have changed the data structures for the modules "Date and Time Selection" and "Timestamp". This is a prerequisite for us to provide operations to calculate with date- and time values in formulas soon.

This information is currently relevant for the following modules:

  • Date and Time Selection
  • Timestamp
  • Geolocation


The following changes will be implemented:

  • Date and Time Selection

    • remains in all variants (time, date, date and time) as entered by the user: no conversion to Central European Time
  • Timestamp, Geolocation with timestamp

    • The time zone where the timestamp was taken will be stored too.
    • The values displayed in the portal are converted to German time.
    • In the app, the values are displayed in the time zone in which they were entered (with the corresponding specification "UTC+x" from Release 1.72).
      → Current release overview


Overview of changes per module and perspective

What does this mean for me / what do I have to do?

You should update all mobile devices to the latest version of the smapOne App as soon as possible and preferably simultaneously. This ensures that the date and time values of all newly created data records of your smaps are processed and saved according to the new method. Otherwise, problems can arise due to different versions, especially when assigning tasks. In this case the app will inform the user that he must first update to the latest version in order to continue working on the task.

You use our REST API to retrieve data records or create tasks? If so, please check your subsequent processes and workflows to see whether adjustments are necessary with regard to the changes listed in the table above. Also check that they can handle date values formatted according to ISO 8601.[Wikipedia:].

If you use the Excel export, it would also be advisable to check the data from the modules "Date and time selection" and "Timestamp".

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our support as usual. (create a ticket)

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